Spiraea japonica?

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David Dickinson

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Spiraea japonica?
« on: September 05, 2021, 04:21:31 PM »
I think this is the same plant as that posted by JohnJ on page 33 of "Morning Walk" thread. I think it is Spiraea japonica. I was surprised to find so few entries for Spiraea in general on the forum. It sees to thrive on neglect and drought. The attached photos show one of two plants left to fend for themselves in a south-facing, fully exposed, raised bed by a bus stop in Rome. No artificial watering but plenty of rubbish, a hallmark of Rome, I am sorry to have to say. Unless there is a good Samaritan who waters them occasionally, they were still flowering after 2 months or more without rain.

If this is S. Japonica, I am going to keep my eyes open for var. 'Albiflorus'. And maybe some other species of spiraea too.

PS. I checked the forum for alternative spelling "spirea" which, according to an article I read, is the usual spelling in trade.
I have a small garden in Rome, Italy. Some open soil, some concrete, some paved. Temperatures in winter occasionally down to 0C. Summer temperatures up to 40C in the shade. There are never watering restrictions but, of course, there is little natural water for much of June, July and August.