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« on: March 03, 2019, 07:02:57 PM »
Titani, a village 24 kilometers from Kiato and about 30 kilometers from Corinth, in parts along a narrow winding country road. I had wanted to visit this place for years and today we did it.
The weather had started out sunny but by the time we reached Titani it had become overcast so the photos are a bit dull. Being used to the warmer temperatures at sea level we were not prepared for the chill in the air, only 580m., and the lack of spring flowers. There was plenty of evidence of future wild flowers but very few showing their colours as yet.
I was thrilled to see the ancient walls around the acropolis of Titane about which Pausanias writes
“Inside the ring wall there are ancient cypress trees”
There is a small church and many cypress trees on top of the hill which was used as the cemetery of the village in the past. The cemetery has been relocated and there are just a few grave stones left, many dips in what would be the flat top of the hill and several rosemary bushes.
There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance

At the base of the hill there was a grove of pear trees where a worker was sawing off all the side branches. It looked as if the remaining branches were going to be   trained to grow in a horizontal fashion.
Instead of returning to Corinth via Kiato we decided to make it a round trip,  pass through other quiet villages and see other views, to Nemea then on to the Morea Road.

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Re: Titani
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Thank you Hilary.
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Re: Titani
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Yes, thanks for sharing Hilary - wonderful building skills- such precision.
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Re: Titani
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... and so interesting to see (the descendants of) those trees that Pausanias was writing about nearly 2,000 years ago
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