Figs in Greece

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Janet Ibbotson

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Figs in Greece
« on: December 31, 2017, 03:42:20 PM »
I have green figs (the most delicious) on my land here on the East coast of Skopelos and there are lots of black figs (very syrupy and almost as delicious) on the back road to Glossa on the West Coast.  Given their popularity here I thought there would be a range of varieties available.   So far I have found Black polyphorous and white polyphorous which are described as fruiting in July and again at the end of August - and another called Vassiliki which the nursery describes as "purple ostrich" - its fruit hangs from a long neck rather than being round.  The nursery is which is, I think a wholesale supplier and is in the Peloponnese.

Can anyone recommend one or more of the three varieties listed?  Also, does anyone know of a Greek supplier of Calimyrna - which I believe is the Smyrna fig?
Janet Ibbotson
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Re: Figs in Greece
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Hallo Janet,
I am in a similar situation - looking for fig species for a garden on the east side of Kea.
I was looking for general information first; if you know a little french, you could try
Good luck!
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