Container gardening – what plants to grow and how to care for them

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Fleur Pavlidis

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A new page has just been posted on the MGS website for anyone like David Dickinson who gardens in containers on a balcony, terrace or patio. Past articles from The Mediterranean Garden, including a series by the editor Caroline Harbouri are collected together to create a useful source of information. Cactus and succulent growing is also covered and there are contributions from our own Hilary and Trevor, which I hope they will enjoy seeing again, as well as notes from a Greek cactus expert, Stavros Apostolou. If you have any personal experiences of container growing which would be similarly useful I’d be glad to add them to the page.
MGS member, Greece. I garden in Attica, Greece and Mt Goulinas (450m) Central Greece

David Dickinson

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Hi Fleur,

Just arrived home at 02.30 a.m. so not had chance to read the new page on container gardening yet. Just wanted to thank you for starting this initiative and can't wait to have a first look tomorrow morning (this morning!). Thanks so much :-)
I have a small garden in Rome, Italy. Some open soil, some concrete, some paved. Temperatures in winter occasionally down to 0C. Summer temperatures up to 40C in the shade. There are never watering restrictions but, of course, there is little natural water for much of June, July and August.


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How exciting. I will try to restrain myself and keep my container gardening memoirs until the summer when I will have less to say about spring
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Living in Korinthos, Greece.
No garden but two balconies, one facing south and the other north.
Most of my plants are succulents which need little care