Supplement 2011

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Supplement 2011
« on: July 29, 2011, 09:34:59 PM »
Well, that was a nice suprise!
Thank you Caroline/editor et al.

And how interesting it was to read. I was surprised at how many articles were pertinent to me just now. I should add that this is my first year of mediterranean gardening.

Agapanthus: "the evergreen kinds are the most drought tolerant and the best garden plants where water conservation in summer must be a watchword'.
Simple fact, very good to know.

Grevilleas: 'Indeed, summer watering is sure to kill most of them, unless it is the odd raindrop.'
Yup, I can attest to that  :(
I bought two Grevilleas and killed them both by watering.

Metrosideros excelsa: '...the best way to propagate the tree is from 15cm new wood cuttings taken in November."
Where else could I have found that out?

Tabebuia: 'need warmer minimum temperatures and higher summer humidity' (speaking relative to the Costa Blanca).
I had been salivating over the prospect of being able to grow these here in Cyprus.
(I suspect I will still have a go, if I can find a source.)

Cneourum tricoccon: a rich description.
I saw this plant in the Jardin Botanique in Geneva, and collected some seed. Now I know how to germinate and grow it.
It is worth pointing out that temperatures in Geneva can easily get below -10C (as icy winds sweep down Lac Leman from the direction of Siberia; I have experienced it), yet this plant was showing no ill-effects.

Also in the same article, as an aside: "Oaks do not tolerate summer irrigation which promotes fungal disease, eventually killing the tree."
I had no idea.
I have wild Quercus coccifera stabilizing a steep soil slope, and have young ones in polythene pots to plant to extend the stabilization. Now I wonder what to do - the youngsters would need watering, surely?... I am watering them in their pots now, and they are OK. But I don't really want to wait until autumn before planting. Hmmm.

It really is all good stuff.
I look forward to the next supplement. And yes, Jean, I would be very willing to make a donation to support the initiative.

Thanks again!
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