Chiliomodi- Monument of Nikitaras

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Chiliomodi- Monument of Nikitaras
« on: May 09, 2021, 07:55:13 AM »
One Sunday in April we went for a drive to Chiliomodi and the statue of Nikitaras, one of the heroes of the Greek Revolution against the Ottoman Turks 200 years ago.

The monument is near olive groves and the base of each olive tree a natural wild flower garden.  The sun was hidden in the hazy sky which was filled with the dust from Africa. I thought this would help for better photos but instead the flowers seemed to blend with the general greenery rather than stand out 

The peaceful view from the small hill where the monument stands belies its battle filled past.

It is suggested that the photograph, taken by V Kozanidis, of the girls dancing was taken between the years of 1987 1994.

Apparently, there is a wreath laying ceremony at the monument every year on the second Sunday of October
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