Nettle Purin

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Nettle Purin
« on: April 27, 2012, 06:13:14 PM »
My lunar calendar book talks about the benefits of using different plants growing in the countryside to provide a natural fertiliser and increase defenses against fungal diseases. I cut about 5 kgs of nettles 3 weeks ago and put them in a plastic rubbish bin with 100 litres of water and left it to ferment ,stirring the smelly mixture several times.After a week it was ready to be used as a spray against fungal diseases, filtering it from a tap at the bottom of the bin and diluting it 15 times with water, before giving my fruit trees and roses a nice spray. After 3 weeks it is ready to be used as a fertiliser, diluted 10 times with water: I find it practical to put the nettle purin in a 1 litre water bottle to mix with my 12 litre watering can and today, being a flowers day, I have been feeding it to all our flowers. It is my first time of doing this with nettles, although I did the same with comfrey leaves last year.

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Re: Nettle Purin
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Andrew this was taken from Grow Organic Food

Please note: under UK and EC law is is illegal to use any preparation as a pesticide that is not approved for such use. The information here is for historical reference only and does not imply a recommendation for use. If you disregard this warning and make any of the preparations you do so entirely at your own risk.

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