How to find a particular subject or topic

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How to find a particular subject or topic
« on: January 12, 2012, 06:27:15 PM »
The Home page is the forum's front page, what you see when you click the blue HOME tab near the top left of every screen.
One way of finding things that interest you is to screen down the list of main subjects on the Home page, and click on say Trees and Shrubs if it's palms you're interested in, then when the Trees and Shrubs screen comes up scroll down the topics till you find Palms. If the list of topics is too long to fit on one screen, a little message at top and bottom of the list will show Pages: then [1], 2, 3 etc - to go on to the next page of the list click on the next number. Popular topics can run to several pages, too, so remember to keep your eyes open for that set of page numbers.
A quicker way of jumping to particular subjects is to use the Search box, up below the Mediterranean Garden Society label near the top right. Just put in the words, word or part-word that you're looking for and press the return key or click on the Search button. If you do this from the Home page, the search engine will list all the messages that include your search words, in all parts of the forum. As there is so much information on the forum now, this search can take up to a minute or two. It's much quicker if you search just on the subject page that is likely to include what you're looking for - again, say the Trees and Shrubs main screen with its topic list, if you want to search for "hedg". But that won't find any references to hedges or hedging outside that Trees and Shrubs section.
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