How do you manage your mediterranean garden when you are not there?

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Nobody has approached this topic yet, but it would be interesting to hear how those of you not staying permanently where your mediterranean garden is are coping.

We are staying at our place in northern Greece for periods from 2-3 to up to 8 weeks at the time, usually around three times a year (spring, summer and autumn), but with 1-2 months periods when we are not there during the warm and dry part of the year. I am lucky, I have some friends who check our place regularly and sometimes do some watering, but I am afraid of planting too much so that they don't feel obliged to do more than what's reasonable, and they are also getting older.

The water supply from the municipality dwindled several years ago as the area became more developed, all the houses along the beach (a few meters below our place) are using so much water (a lot of irrigated lawns) that there was finally not a drop left for us. We have no regular electricity, only solar panels, so an extra pump to increase the water pressure has not yet been an option.

Luckily, we have some good neighbours with a pension, they have water from their own well, and we get water from them, but we can’t be wasteful, and they turn off the water during the period the pension is closed (October-Easter).

So how do others in a similar situation cope?
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