Goat moth (Cossus)

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Goat moth (Cossus)
« on: November 22, 2011, 01:28:32 PM »
A goat moth burrowed into my young apple tree last year. I discovered a hole at the top of the main trunk just below the first branches. I blasted the hole with water under pressure, and the next day found the caterpillar hanging from the hole. Investigating the damage I was able to open the bark quite easily downwards in line with its tunnel. There remains a long open scar (3-4 inches) which I think will eventually be a serious weak point in the tree.

Two weeks ago I spotted another hole near the ground with some "sawdust" under it. I blasted it with woodworm spray. I see no more new sawdust.

My question is if it would be better to take out the tree now. Will the damage sustained to date be a serious problem in the future? At the open scar I can see that the centre of the bark is empty. On the other hand there a are lots of healthy-looking shoots on the branches and there were leaves up until the beginning of autumn.
David Glen. MGS member