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Thymus longiflorus is an Andalucian endemic and I found it in the Cabo de Gata area alongside a road. I took a smal plant home and it flowers profusely during summer and autumn. It is not a difficult plant (but needs frost protection) and can be easily propagated from cuttings in autumn. First picture is in habitat, second and third in culture. Enjoy!
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Thymus moroderi
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Beautiful plant, Hans!

Here the similar Thymus moroderi, grown from seed. There are some other very beautiful Thymus species in spain - a pity they are hardly (if at all?) in cultivation.
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Cyprus thymes
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Nice. We have neither of those in Cyprus :(
But the two species of thyme we do have are quite nice: T. integer, capitata.
Except I notice the latter has been reduced to a synonym, the correct name for it now being Thymbra capitata. (Poor thing - it has also been in Coridothymus, Origanum and Satureja.)
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Re: Thymus
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I don't think this long flowered thymes are found outside the Iberian peninsula. I know of one other species occurring in the Murcia region, T. murcicus, wich has paler flowers.

T. morodori could be seen as a subspecies of T. longiflorus.