two pink flowers IDd by Fleur as Gaura lindheimeri and Oenothera speciosa

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We came back from a bus trip with photos of twenty flowers for my collection.
Most I have been able to name but am stumped with these two.
The first was in a large pot near the Meteora.
The second looked like an escapee growing in some waste land in Kastoria.
It was a windy day hence the fuzziness.
I am sure you all know their names, they just don't seem to be in my book
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Re: two pink flowers
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Fleur said:
A chance for me before Oron comes in!
The first is Gaura lindheimeri and the second is Oenothera speciosa - I hope.

Oron then confirmed the ID.
As several people then chimed in with comments about Gaura, I have split the topic and moved the Gaura topic to the Perennials board. And Fleur has contributed thoughts on Oenothera speciosa to the Oenothera topic on the Perennials board.
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