PLANT/BULB ORDERS Mediterranean Garden Fair - November 5th, Faro, Algarve

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I have a list of plants from the specialist nursery who will be coming to the Garden Fair on 5th November from Holland. This is a small family run nursery, the owners are members of the Mediterranean Garden Society and have a holiday home and  garden near Odemira in the western Algarve. They have used this garden as a testing ground and have selected the toughest and most gardenworthy plants to propagate at their nursery business. This is a very special opportunity to acquire some of the rarely available drought resistant plants suitable for our Algarve gardens.  If you would like to contact Jan directly with any queries, his email address is  JAN BOS VOODERSIEEG 
I have this list as an excel file and you can use this format to make your order. If you would like this list in any other format, please let me know. I  also have a file with photos of the plants and the nursery – again, if you would like this in another format, just let me know. I think it will be evident from the photos that these are good quality plants ready for our winter planting season – when it finally rains !
We also offer the opportunity to pre order from the following list of bulbs, we have to order in large quantities to gain the excellent discount on offer so I need to know if you would be interested in purchasing any of the following bulbs – this will give me an idea of the level of interest and I can circulate a list of prices to those interested. I must say that  the prices offered plus transport will be very competitive.
Allium triquetrum – for naturalising
Amaryliis belladonna
Crocosmia Emily Mackenzie
Freesia single
Lilium regale
Muscari comosum – for naturalising
Narcissus papyraceus - Paperwhite Narcissus for naturalising
Narcissus Tete a Tete
Scilla peruviana – for naturalising
Sternbergia lutea – for naturalising
Tulipa clusiana var. Chrysantha
Tulipa sylvestris
Zephyranthis candida
EMAIL TO  Tel. 00351 289 791 869


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Re: PLANT/BULB ORDERS Mediterranean Garden Fair - November 5th, Faro, Algarve
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Rosie, have you seen the Narcissus 'Tete a Tete' in leaf?


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Re: PLANT/BULB ORDERS Mediterranean Garden Fair - November 5th, Faro, Algarve
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What are the leaves like, ezeiza?  They are mentioned so often in books , magazines and tv programmes that when I saw some bulbs for the 1st time locally, I bought some and planted them last week.
Retired artist/potter.  Amateur gardener searching for suitable plants for my hot dry summers, cool wet winters.  Redesigning the garden to have a shady area under trees, so searching also for dry shade plants and ideas for the type of soil needed.  I live in S.Loire Atlantique, France



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I have had this narcissus in my garden for about three years now and the leaves are very shiny and bright green. They persist right through to early May.  I feed my all bulbs with sheep manure when the ground is good and wet ..... still waiting for that ! I think this is one of the varieties derived from N. cyclamineus which is a native of Spain and Portugal so I reckoned it should be good for the Algarve. We have some on top of a raised wall so the flowers are at eye level.  It has certainly proved to be robust and receives little attention in return for lovely spring flowers.

With regard to the list of bulbs, John Fielding has kindly pointed out that the Allium triquetium can be a thug .... but I can recommend it for non-irrigated gardens with wild areas to fill - just don't encourage it !
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