slugs attacking or birds digging up your seedlings?

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David Dickinson

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slugs attacking or birds digging up your seedlings?
« on: June 02, 2021, 11:34:24 AM »
We may have found a solution. I say "we" because I bought them for my sister to try it out in Leeds. She is plagued by slugs . I saw these insect cages on the internet and bought a couple. Mesh around the sides and plastic on top which keeps out some of the direct rain.

The blackbirds here in Rome usually destroy half my seedlings as they dig for worms so I think I will get some for myself. They seem to be working. I will pick them up when I next visit Leeds. Avoids Brexit tax complications!
I have a small garden in Rome, Italy. Some open soil, some concrete, some paved. Temperatures in winter occasionally down to 0C. Summer temperatures up to 40C in the shade. There are never watering restrictions but, of course, there is little natural water for much of June, July and August.