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« on: May 14, 2023, 04:28:01 PM »
Why oh why are they so difficult ??
This morning we discoverd 2 areas of 'BEE' orchids  in the field below our house.  8/9 in each area.  On investigation we found identical pictures in a book of plants from the Sibillini mountains.  Ophrys apifera. (with white lateral sepals)  but when we look in other books these sepals appear to be 'pink'.
We are aware of the variations but would appreciate an expert to help clarify what we have.  Pictures attached.
Pete and Jan retired to le Marche, Italy 20 years ago for a quiet,  sunny life.  Gardening here was a challenge, but we now have a wonderful garden, with an eclectric selection of plants,  including many wild  flowers and orchids of which we are found of.