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Re: Yucca
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YUCCAS by Trevor Nottle

We had two yuccas one, which had very sharp pointy leaves, near the front door. Although the flowers were beautiful the leaves were just too sharp pointy and dangerous. I disposed of that one. The first two photos

The other was on the south facing balcony and produced flowers of a slightly different shape. The third photo. This plant grew too big for the balcony and now is outside the front door on the open passage way. My neighbour also put her old Yucca in this space and they are left to look after themselves.  Our resident, annoying, pigeon was born in the pot of one of these Yuccas and comes home to sit nearby wherever he finds a flat surface.
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Re: Yucca
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Yuccas have such lovely flowers. One of ours is currently flowering. They started off as two small plants given to me by my sister. They became enormous and started interfering with the electricity wires running by our road. We were forced to have them cut down and paid to take away the spiky leaves. They had been 'butchered' so we thought they will die but they are back bushier then before and flowering. I am happy about that. We will of course keep removing some of the branches to keep them '.manegerble' and enjoy their flowers.
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