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I remember being told, years ago, that architects are trying to bring the garden into the house
Over the years I have had several houseplants, some more successful than others. When we moved here I was thrilled to have a windowsill at last where I could have a selection of small cacti.
House plants have come and gone , mostly the type of ' we are going visiting so we have to take a present with us '
One of these was this Bromeliad, I think it came wrapped in fuchsia pink shiny paper which I tore off in a manic fashion , What was the florist thinking? 

A plant given to me by one of my friends on the occasion of my annual, after Christmas, coffee morning.
I am afraid it succumbed to my care of lack of care and is no more

Bromeliads are mentioned in
AGM 2018-THE POST AGM TRIP TO VALENCIA by Valerie Whittington
THE MEDITERRANEAN GARDEN number 95, January 2019
Photographs illustrating this article can be seen here

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Living in Korinthos, Greece.
No garden but two balconies, one facing south and the other north.
Most of my plants are succulents which need little care