Rejuvenating old roses

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Rejuvenating old roses
« on: March 16, 2019, 10:05:42 AM »
On moving to a new house I inherited two wonderfully scented old climbing roses. They had been neglected and a pale pink one , with a main stem -"trunk"of 5cm diameter produced little new growth and few flowers. After two or three years of medium pruning, being afraid I might kill the whole thing I decided last autumn to cut it right down into the main stem. I was pleased to see one new shoot just below the cut during the winter but now am amazed to report that it is shooting not only all along the
"trunk" but also throwing up 6 strong new shoots from the base -
Am looking forward to choosing the strongest to form a new framework.
MGS member living and gardening in Umbria, Italy for past 19 years. Recently moved from my original house and now planning and planting a new small garden.