How to post photos (for PCs, not for Apple computers)

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How to post photos (for PCs, not for Apple computers)
« on: March 02, 2018, 12:17:06 PM »
Hi Janet

Pity to hear that you don't post your pics. I love seeing what others are growing and one of the main reasons I joined MGS.

No doubt Alisdair will move this at some stage but I thought I would post it initially in your thread so that you are more likely to see it.

Here is what I do to attach pics. I am sure there are other ways too. The main thing is to get it down to the size allowed by the forum.

Here is what I do. There will be other ways too.

1 Get your pic stored on your computer
2 Right click on the pic with your mouse
3 From the menu that opens up select "open with"
4 select "paint"
5 go through the options that are available at the top of the screen until you find "resize"
6 left click with the mouse on "resize". A box will open up.
7 Make sure that the "percentage" option is ticked at the top of the box. Then go to the box marked "horizontal".  I usually change this from 100 down to 30. If the percentage option has been selected the "vertical" box will automatically change to 30 as well.
8 Go to the top of the screen and left click with the mouse on "File"
9 select "Save as". (f you select "save" you will replace your original pic with the new reduced version so better to use "save as" so that you will keep your original and have a new reduced size version to send to us on the forum). Decide a name for the new version of the pic and save it where you can find it again.
10 Close your original pic and then open the new version.
11 Right click with the mouse and from the menu that opens up select"properties".
12 Left click on "properties" and you will see "size" details. If the size is under the 250 limit then you are okay to go ahead with attaching the pic. If it is slightly above, repeat the process above except at point 7 reduce from 100 to 90 . Once saved again recheck the "size" in "properties" until you get the size required

Seems more complicated than it is. If you are okay with setting up files to save your pics in you could do as I have done and set up a file called "pics for MGS". At point 9 above I save my reduced pics there until I have posted them and then I delete them from the file. Easy to find them at the point where you want to attach them to your posting that way.

Do send us some pics :)
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Janet Ibbotson

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Re: How to post photos (for PCs, not for Apple computers)
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2018, 08:53:10 AM »
Thanks David,  I know there is also lots of other information on posting photos in the admin section but will try your instructions first.   Spring has started properly today here in the Sporades and bits of my garden are looking OK, so I will take some pics and see what I can do.
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Janet Ibbotson
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