Ancient Quarry of Nemea

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Ancient Quarry of Nemea
« on: March 31, 2017, 03:14:35 AM »
This ancient quarry was discovered a few years ago, when they were building the new road from Korinthos to Tripolis in the Peloponnese. No one knew the quarry was  there and work on the road halted for several months until a solution was found on how to preserve it and the road be finished.

I couldn't find much information about the quarry, it must be there somewhere, but I did find this reference in an article about ancient quarries in the Peloponnese

The recently excavated quarry at ancient Nemea, which is dated circa 330 BC, proved to be very well preserved and several examples of tool marks were visible, as well as the characteristic trenching and benching of quarried stone.

I had hoped there would be many wild flowers but the blossoming tree saved the day.

Although the quarry is enclosed it is interesting to see from the extremely large parking area.
It is at K 105 going in the direction of Tripolis. As the quarry is just around a corner we have missed seeing it close up many times. Hence the note of K 105
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Re: Ancient Quarry of Nemea
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Hilary, I stopped there two weeks ago. (Always worth a stop.) For future reference it is just about possible to scramble over the fence at the "Tripolis" end of the parking area, if you're wearing rough clothes  ;)
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