Rudbeckia hirta just Summer or also Spring flowering?

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Rudbeckia hirta just Summer or also Spring flowering?
« on: November 20, 2016, 09:13:32 PM »
I grew these as Summer flowering annuals last year, very happy with an April sowing, great display. But (not as in a problem "but") for starters one plant that was a late starter is still going very strong - lovely foliage, even larger blooms than the Summer ones - and, self seeded plants are everywhere, and also seem to be doing well. It's currently around 20C /68F daytime high. I just wonder - has anyone sown these in Autumn for Spring flowering, or will "winter" lows of 55 day / 45F night harm them? Before I rip the lot out to re-use the space?
My weather: January/Feb "low" average day/night of around 13C/7C (57F/45F), Jul/Aug "high" average day/night of 32C/26C (90F/79F).

600mm rain, in Winter, completely dry Summer.

Mid-Med roof terrace gardening - shrubs, small trees, annuals, bulbs, and native Mediterranean species.