Harvesting time

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Re: Harvesting time
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Since it is still hot here and a refreshing dessert is most welcome after lunch I thought of sending in a Mediterranean recipe. It is a vegan recipe.  It is tied to harvesting almonds, use of rose petal/orange blossom water from our med gardens. It is called Balouza. You can use a normal tea cup or an American cup as the measure of the ingredients.
I cup of corn starch, 71/2cups of water, 1/2cup of orange/rose water, 1 cup sugar, 1/2cup of blanched chopped almonds. Put 7 cup of water in a saucepan and add the cup of sugar. Put to heat at  low temp. . Mix cornflour with 1/2cup of rose/blossom water and the remaining half cup of water,  pour mixture in warmed water. Keep stirring mixture until it start to boil , turn down heat and continue to stir for a minute . Add chopped almonds. Pour cooked mixture into a large glass bowl. Leave to cool then refrigerate to set. Serve balouza with rose water and a few ice cubes. Sprinkle  with more sugar if desired. This recipe is similar to the Lebanese one but instead of water milk is used .
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I garden in Cyprus, in a flat old farming field, alt. approx. 30 m asl.