Viola (including pansies)

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Re: Viola (including pansies)
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Thanks, Mike, for posting the link to your very interesting article on V.elatior.
Here is my simple solution to seed collection. Empty tea bags. They are strong, porous and dry quickly if they get wet so the pod continues to develop and won't rot. When ripe the pod bursts and you collect the seeds.
Cheers, H  :)
I live in Central Victoria, Australia. This is very much a "Mediterranean" climate with long hot summers and cold frosty winters. Citrus grows well here. I am interested in species and cultivars of Viola which will grow in this climate.



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Re: Viola (including pansies)
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Yes - good, and well shown in your photo.
I do the same thing with individual pods from flowers that I have intentionally cross-pollinated.
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