olive propagation

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olive propagation
« on: December 15, 2015, 04:18:17 PM »
Hi there. I live in Cape Town South Africa with winter rainfall. Have 2 Olive trees. Prune both. One bore 35 kg of olives in one season, so I thought at the next pruning take cuttings and raise an olive grove (for a job creation project)
problem.. the leaves drop off leaving only sticks within a few days, this is not mentioned in any of the numerous websites on growing olives that I have read. The olive branches may lie on the ground for days and not lose their leaves, but the minute I cut them down and place them in a bucket of water ready for rooting, they shed all their leaves.. really frustrating. Is placing them in water creating the problem ? I planted them in 3 sand to 1 part vermicompost and put them in trays under plastic anyway. the soil gets sun for a few hours a day and is warm to the touch. Anyone with propagation experience HELP !
thanks, Caroline
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