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John J

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Re: Fruit/Veg of the day
« Reply #150 on: September 13, 2021, 03:04:54 PM »
David, nespole was a new one on me until I looked it up and found they were loquats. We have a couple of trees in our garden. When you were in Malaysia did you ever acquire a taste for Durian? We always knew when they were in season as the streets of the city centre reeked of them, people carrying them were not allowed on public transport.
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David Dickinson

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Re: Fruit/Veg of the day
« Reply #151 on: September 14, 2021, 12:47:12 AM »
Hi John,

Durian do smell, don't they. Not allowed in several places in Malaysia, I recall. Hotels being one of them. I did eat them on occasion and the taste was okay. I have to be honest, overall, tropical fruit (in my humble opinion) is not a patch on Mediterranean/European fruit. Mangos and pineapple would be the exception. I wouldn't be without cherries, peaches, melon in summer and oranges and crisp, sweet, juicy apples in winter - whoever "invented" floury apples?! Ugghh!!! . Just imagine, after a week lost in a desert, stumbling across a fridge. Using every last ounce of your strength to heave the door open, you come across a sweet, ripe water melon. Which tropical fruit could match that?
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