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« on: July 08, 2014, 04:36:07 PM »
Argyranthemums are a common plant in the garden centres here, but I find that most of them are difficult to keep flowering all summer.
If I cut them back after their first flush, they will flower again, but often take a long time to do so.
They often look tired later in the summer too.
One argyranthemum that always looks fresh and keeps on flowering all summer and beyond, is Jamaica Primrose.
I bought one with me, from my garden in England when I came.
I know, coals to Newcastle, but I am glad I did.
The original plant is still going strong and it is easy to make more from cuttings.
I would love to know if anyone has another named variety that performs well too.
Daisy :)

You can just see it here, shining out at the end of the path.
(Sorry about the garden fork stuck in the border)

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Joanna Savage

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Re: Argyranthemum
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But it's a beautiful blue fork, Daisy. Are those roses behind still flowering now? Congratulations.


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Re: Argyranthemum
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What an oasis you have, Daisy!
I am also quite fond of Argyranthemum, particularly the white forms. They can look lovely but if they dry out are not so attractive, so I have resisted them so far.
I too would be interested in varieties that perform well.

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