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« on: June 08, 2014, 07:33:38 AM »
I have been bemoaning the plethora of weeds that have resulted from the mild but wet winter/early spring that we have experienced in Umbria but am now enjoying some of the rewards. My Salvia elgans that is normally cut to the ground in winter has already had its first flowers and fresh shoots are appearing all along the stems. Also Salvia guaranticais in full bloom.
However I have noticed a further possible downside as the number of snakes in the garden seems to be far more than normal - hardly a day goes past without me seeing one whereas 3 or 4 sightings per summer is the norm. The other  day a large one dropped out of a tree onto the path in front of me as I was approaching - another 2 steps and it would have landed on me - quite scary!
MGS member living and gardening in Umbria, Italy for past 19 years. Recently moved from my original house and now planning and planting a new small garden.