Trip to Croatia, Spring 2013

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Trip to Croatia, Spring 2013
« on: June 21, 2012, 07:38:47 PM »
The Mediterranean Garden Society is organising a trip to Croatia in 2013, probably arriving on 26 April and leaving on 3 May, with an optional two-day extension (ending 5 May). The tour will start in the ancient town of Dubrovnik, moving on to the island of Hvar, then via the mainland mountains back to the coast, to the charming seaside town of Trogir, with an excursion to Diocletian's Palace (3rd century) in Split on the last afternoon. The tour will be led by Chris and Bașak Gardner, the botanists who led a most enjoyable trip to SW Turkey in 2010, and will include quite a few Forum stalwarts.
On a recce of the planned route this spring, Chris and Bașak found five interesting - even fascinating - Mediterranean gardens, and a fine range of wild plants. The actual plants we see will depend on how the season has been, but among other treasures we expect loads of orchids including lots of Ophrys and Orchis species (and some weird hybrids with Aceras), drifts of Cyclamen repandum (among other woodland plants that we'll see, particularly on the two-day extension, such as Anemone nemorosa and ranunculoides, Corydalis solida, Dentaria enneaphyllos and Paris quadrifolia), Aristolochia rotunda, Bellevalia dubia, Campanula lingulata, Fritillaria graeca ssp. thessala and the dark form of Iris pallida. Higher up by the last snow patches Chris found gorgeous dog’s-tooth violets (Erythronium dens-canis) as well as Crocus sieberi, Muscari armeniacum and Draba aizoides.
The scenery is magnificent, including idyllic and dramatic coastlines, tiny rustic hamlets and distant snowy mountains. The two-day extension will explore Paklenica and Plitvička Jezera National Parks - stunning scenery, with a multitude of lovely waterfalls, pristine lakes and woodlands.

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Re: Trip to Croatia, Spring 2013
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How I wish we were with you - enjoy and we look forward to some fascinating 'photos on the Forum in the weeks to come.
Buon viaggio :)
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