How to make a pistachio field?

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How to make a pistachio field?
« on: July 26, 2013, 12:25:26 PM »
I have 3 pistacia vera plants from seeds.
I know that I have to graft the plants to have fruits, but I don't know how!
If my plants from seeds are males have I to graft with male cuts or can I graft it with female cuts?
Then...about the field, how have I to place plants?I read at about 6-10 meters of distance between them, is it ok?
And...what about disposition of male and female plants?I read that male plants have to be placed upwind and it needs a male every 8 have I to make the first line of male plants upwind and beahind only females? plants are 3yo and I have them in pots.
I read different opinions on internet, someone say to plant it after 1 year, someone after 2 years and someone after 4-6 years...what have I to do?Have I to plant it?Can I plant it now in summer or have I to wait autumn or spring?And what have I to do when I'll plant them?Have I to use some manure or others?
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