Anthemis cupaniana

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Anthemis cupaniana
« on: May 01, 2013, 06:50:45 am »
  :( Having rediscovered the name of my Anthemis thanks to Oron I was devestated to find it had been attacked overnight and the petals chewed away on nearly every stem. I rather think it is earwigs as they seem to be very prevelant this year, especially in the area where this pot stands. What is the best deterrent against these pesky brutes? I seem to remember that in my childhood, when neighbours all seemed to grow Dhalias that were prone to earwig attack, they would put upturned plant pots on sticks close to the plants and the earwigs would use these as dormitories and could be found and despatched in great numbers! Any advance on this method of control?  - I suppose at least it is eco-friendly and avoids the use of costly chemicals ;) but after last year's "slaughter of the caterpillers" (see article in April TMG) I feel in danger of becoming a mass murderer.
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