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Trees and Shrubs / Re: Success with Delonix regia, Flamboyant?
« Last post by David Dickinson on Today at 10:37:52 PM »
Lucky you, Jaken. The days of taking things backwards and forwards to our homeland in our suitcases may well be over for we Brits.  :( I shall try on my next flight to the UK as I have lots of cuttings to pass on but who knows what customs will say if they search my bag!
Trees and Shrubs / Re: Success with Delonix regia, Flamboyant?
« Last post by Jaken on Today at 10:28:19 PM »
They are getting bigger by the day. Just hoping they won't get to big before spring since they have to fit my suitcase.
Trees and Shrubs / Re: Jackaranda
« Last post by Jaken on Today at 10:20:03 PM »
This is how my two Jacarandas looked last week. Hope they make it through this winter as well, it was a breef snowing some days ago, +1 degrees.

About two year old grown from seeds.
Fingers crossed.
Miscellaneous / Re: Morning walk
« Last post by John J on Today at 02:15:27 PM »
Oops! the last 2 photos got transposed somehow but I'm sure you have worked that out.
Anyway, not too much in flower as yet. As well as the Romulea and Bellis we saw yesterday, we found Asphodels, Anemones, Clematis cirrhosa, Fagaria cretica and a small, not yet fully open Himantoglossum robertianum.
Miscellaneous / Re: Morning walk
« Last post by John J on Today at 02:06:39 PM »
This morning was brighter, with a very chill breeze blowing, but no sign of impending rain so we decided to carry on from where we left off yesterday.
In fact we began at the ruins of the Temple of Apollo Hylates (Apollo of the Woodland). From there we walked to what is left of the Ancient Stadium, where the area is still showing signs of last year's fire in places.
A further 200 m, on in an area known as At Maydan, are the ruins of a Basilica built in the 5th/6th C AD.
By now it was approaching lunchtime and we felt in need of a warming beverage and so turned back to the car, once more not having made it as far as the mandrakes.
The last 3 photos are of looking down over the beach at Kourion, across the sweep of the bay towards the western edge of the Akrotiri Peninsular and in the direction of the Ancient city of Kourion.
Miscellaneous / Re: Plants of the world on postage stamps
« Last post by Hilary on Today at 08:50:29 AM »
Antigone rubicunda, Australian Crane, Brolga

Another one of the stamps issued by Australia in 1977 in a series named

As I expected I didn't find any references to this bird in the index of
THE MEDITERRANEAN GARDEN but there are plenty of articles contributed by
members of THE MEDITERRANEAN GARDEN SOCIETY living and gardening in

Time to read THE EVOLUTION OF A GARDENER by Fiona Smith,
 THE MEDITERRANEAN GARDEN number 101, July 2020

Yesterday I saw that you had sent a message which I did not open

Today it shows as if I read it
Miscellaneous / Re: Morning walk
« Last post by John J on January 19, 2021, 04:42:41 PM »
This morning as it looked promising for a bright, though chilly day, we ventured up onto the cliffs above Ancient Kourion. We thought we'd take a look at the area behind the Stadium that I had photographed in November following a fire. Pleased to see that it was beginning to show signs of rejuvenating, with Romulea and Bellis having survived underground. We were just about to set off to check out an area where mandrakes grow when the sky became dark and the rain began to return so we were forced to make a hasty retreat to the car.
Just to check that I am not going mad, I checked in your stamp thread and, sure enough, there was today's unread posting of the Sorbus. I will now try to find a way of unticking "mark all posts as read" which seems to be switched on only for the "miscellaneous" category.
As I expected, the other message has disappeared from the list of unread messages. I did notice, though, at the bottom of the page there is a tick against "mark all messages as read" which I have never noticed before. I have tried to untick it but nothing happens.
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