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Trees and Shrubs / Re: Retama raetam - experience from Greece?
« Last post by Hilary on Today at 08:51:03 AM »
I have been trying to think where I have seen this bush,
There are a few near Ag Theodori but none on the road to Sparta and none on the Attiki Odos, as far as I remember. Also none at the side of the Proastiakos railway
So it looks as if the nurseries which supply plants to the constructors of the new roads and railways do not grow Retama. I wonder why ? 
Climbers / Re: Thunbergia
« Last post by John J on Today at 08:40:28 AM »
The first flower on our Thunbergia grandiflora this year.
Trees and Shrubs / Re: Retama raetam - experience from Greece?
« Last post by John J on Today at 08:31:47 AM »
Jorun, we've had ours for so long I can't definitely say where we got them from, quite possibly from our old friend, Yiannos. The nurseries, even the Forestry Dept ones, used to sell them but I have to admit that I don't recall seeing any on offer recently. For some reason they seem to have dropped out of favour, even for use on highway plantings. Why this should be I don't know as they are so easy to grow once established, just another of those fads and fashions that horticulture appears to be prone to from time to time perhaps.
Miscellaneous / Re: Plants of the world on postage stamps
« Last post by Hilary on July 20, 2017, 02:41:34 PM »
Ipomoea purpurea, Morning Glory

Argentina issued this stamp in 1982 in a series named FLOWERS

The photo was taken in 1987 on some Greek island.

To read about Morning Glory and other climbers growing in a Mediterranean Garden go to THE MEDITERRANEAN GARDEN, number 18, Autumn 1999.
Trees and Shrubs / Re: Retama raetam - experience from Greece?
« Last post by JTh on July 19, 2017, 03:36:06 PM »
I didn't see your answer earlier, John, from where did you get your plants? I have asked the nurseries around here , but they haven't got a clue, seems to be completely unknown. I had a fairly good result with the seeds I had, around 1/3 of them germinated. A few died later, but I still had a few healthy-looking plants when I left Norway, now it depends upon my neighbour's care if some of them have survived until I'm home again.
Pests and diseases / Cuscuta epithymum on basil
« Last post by JTh on July 18, 2017, 04:19:18 PM »
I have a perennial basil which looked very healthy when I bought it at the local market a few weeks ago; after 4-5 days I discovered some strange yellow-whitish thin strands which were quickly almost covering the plant, and after some searching, I found that the basil was infested with the parasitic plant, Cuscuta epithymum, dodder, or in Greek Κουσκούτα or Μαλλιά του Διαβόλου - the devil’s hair. I immediately quarantined it and made as much pesto as we can possibly eat, and I am going to get rid of the plant in a safe place.  I have never seen it before and I wonder if this a common parasitic plant in Greece?

by Jorun Tharaldsen, on Flickr

by Jorun Tharaldsen, on Flickr
Plant identification / Re: Succulent ID'd by Miriam as Crassula tetragona
« Last post by David Dickinson on July 18, 2017, 09:06:34 AM »
Thanks Miriam.  I think it is. I have another C tetragona which has leaves closer together and much greener. A little shorter too. I have had that for over 10 years and it has never flowered.

The photo I sent was of a cutting I took from a different plant. I am always wary of my own identifications as you never know if there are other plants which exist that are similar to what you think you have in your hand.

Thanks again  :)
Miscellaneous / Re: Plants of the world on postage stamps
« Last post by Hilary on July 18, 2017, 05:44:19 AM »
Saponaria officinalis, Common soapwort

A stamp issued by Yugoslavia in 1961

The series of nine stamps depicting wild flowers was designed by Matija Zlamalik
An interesting site about him, in English, can be found here.

Saponaria are mentioned in THE MEDITERREAN GARDEN number 22, October 2000
Celia Matson writes in her article

Seeds have come from everywhere we have seen local plants growing – Saponaria, for example, Artemisia absinthium, broom, Lathyrus latifolius and Lonicera [ honeysuckle], to name but a few.
Miscellaneous / Re: Plants of the world on postage stamps
« Last post by Hilary on July 16, 2017, 07:33:22 AM »
Majorana hortensis. Marjoram, Pot Marjoram

A stamp issued by Yugoslavia in 1961 in a series named LOCAL FLORA

There is no shortage of references to Marjoram in

I have chosen number  79, January 2015 where on page 72 there is a letter from Freda Cox with hints for small  children who want to  grow herbs.
Water / Re: Water plants
« Last post by John J on July 15, 2017, 03:56:50 PM »
A Pontederia cordata flower taken today. It seems to be defying daily temperatures in excess of 40 degrees C, at least for now, though the leaves are obviously suffering sunburn.
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