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Title: Garden /Flower shows.
Post by: Umbrian on April 22, 2018, 06:42:29 AM
Yesterday I visited a small flower show in Arezzo not far from where I live. My Italian friend Silvia who is a forging a successful one man ( woman) business as a gardener (how  I hate  the need to be "politically correct" but suppose I must move with the times or be regarded as a has been!) having recommended it after a visit last year. The setting was perfect - a large grassy area on the outskirts of the town with ample adjacent parking for easy transport of purchases. The weather too, clear blue sky and warm sunshine.
The show itself was disappointing however with far fewer exhibitors than the previous year according to my friend.
I was tempted to make a few purchases however and found one interesting stall offering a variety of Salvias. However on another, when enquiring the variety of some obvious, unlabelled salvia plants I was told " They are Salvias but not the type you eat!"
It was encouraging to see that free short lectures were being offered by some stall holders and one was taking place whilst we were browsing the plants on offer at one. The subject was plants suitable for the Mediterranean garden and the speaker very knowledgable and enthusiastic. His small audience seemed very interested and plied him with questions. I was happy to discover he was from a viviao ( nursery) that I frequent. It is an uphill task however for specialist nurseries to reach a wider public and if the expense, both in outlay and time, is not rewarded many obviously feel unable to continue their support of such ventures.