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Title: Cuscuta epithymum on basil
Post by: JTh on July 18, 2017, 04:19:18 PM
I have a perennial basil which looked very healthy when I bought it at the local market a few weeks ago; after 4-5 days I discovered some strange yellow-whitish thin strands which were quickly almost covering the plant, and after some searching, I found that the basil was infested with the parasitic plant, Cuscuta epithymum, dodder, or in Greek Κουσκούτα or Μαλλιά του Διαβόλου - the devilís hair. I immediately quarantined it and made as much pesto as we can possibly eat, and I am going to get rid of the plant in a safe place.  I have never seen it before and I wonder if this a common parasitic plant in Greece?

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P7086528.jpg ( by Jorun Tharaldsen (, on Flickr

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