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Title: Nest building.
Post by: Umbrian on March 07, 2016, 08:15:55 AM
Enjoyed watching this blackbird collecting nesting material - and tidying up one of my ornamental grasses for me!
Title: Re: Nest building.
Post by: Melissa Hamilton on March 07, 2016, 11:53:20 AM
Wonderful!  That's a great garden bed for ground feeders like blackbirds.  Lots of low shrubs, they must love it.  Do you have them year round?  We are up a hill from a lake - in autumn robins and blackbirds come up near us, but from spring they move down to the shrubs around the lake.  It's not a large distance, but we really never see them in the garden during summer.
Title: Re: Nest building.
Post by: Umbrian on March 07, 2016, 02:01:51 PM
Hi Melissa, the 'photo was taken in our small town garden where we get lots of blackbirds, tits, robins, sparrows starlings etc. I put fat and fruit out and we have a large Kaki tree that the blackbirds love in the winter. I also have a birdbath. Sorry the 'photo was not very clear I had to hide behind the curtain and take it through the window!
In the country, where we still have a house with a large garden, we see many different birds but as I have said
before they hardly ever come to feed on things I put out- occasionally a robin.
( Am still considering shrubs etc with berries for migratory birds for you)