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Title: About the Mediterranean Garden Society
Post by: Alisdair on June 13, 2011, 03:36:11 PM
The Mediterranean Garden Society (MGS), sponsor of this Forum, is a world-wide society for people interested in plants and gardening in mediterranean climates. It is based in Greece and has members in over three dozen different countries.
It has an annual meeting lasting several days, always in a country with a mediterranean climate, including illustrated talks and visits to gardens (often spectacular private gardens not normally open to the public). It also organises occasional visits to areas of special interest for their wild plants, led by botanist guides; recent ones have been to the island of Rhodes, to the Lycian mountains of South West Turkey, and to Israel. It maintains an experimental garden, the MGS Garden in Attica, at its HQ, growing a wide range of plants through hot dry summers with minimum watering. Members get a quarterly journal, The Mediterranean Garden. It has 19 regional branches, which organise more activities, open to MGS members from all countries, usually including regular meetings and garden visits, and sometimes tours abroad.
For more information, or to join, see the MGS website (