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Title: Ayioi Theodoroi, Korinthia, Greece
Post by: Hilary on December 16, 2013, 11:04:14 PM
The archaeological site of Krommyon at Ayioi Theodori sandwiched between the Athens/ Korinthos National Road and The Suburban railway.
The site is fenced but I think the gate is permanently open.
I saw sheep inside while I was passing in the train.
The notice board gives plenty of information.
There weren't many flowers there, only these yellow daisies
Title: Re: Ayioi Theodoroi, Korinthia, Greece
Post by: Hilary on December 02, 2019, 08:29:12 AM
There is a long narrow wood of pine and eucalyptus trees running parallel to the pebbly beach at Ayioi Theodoroi. In more affluent times there used to be snack bars and restaurants humming with life in the summer. The beach might still be very popular in the summer but all the installations look abandoned, however the woods make for a pleasant walk at all times of the year.

Yesterday we went for a walk through the woods.
We have been in October other years to see the swathes of Cyclamen growing under the pine and eucalyptus trees. Yesterday we saw one or two lone flowers and noticed that the leaves were covered in dried mud. Apparently this area had also experienced floods the week before .when the storm named ΓΗΡΥΟΝΗΣ / GERYON had caused such damage to the neighbouring town of Kineta.
We saw Morning Glory growing on a fence near a defunct first aid station, some unknown mushrooms , Dandelions, Arisarum , too low down for a close up, and a very obliging butterfly, which I couldn’t see in the view finder