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Title: Garden For Sale
Post by: Umbrian on December 08, 2012, 04:56:26 PM
Well established. waterwise garden for sale in Italy  :( as described in the "Member's Gardens" section of the MGS website.
It comes with a fully restored, 3 bedroomed farmhouse and outbuilding that was previously a Tobacco drying Tower, partially restored and now with planning permission for residential use, also a swimming pool.
Serious enquiries can be made through my Forum e.mail address.
Title: Re: Garden For Sale
Post by: gertrude on December 08, 2012, 10:03:36 PM
Hey, so where you moving to ?  Not put off by last winter are you?  Although,  being as winter seems to have started a little earlier this year, its a bit of a worry.  Just moved all we can and covered the rest - hope fully all will be well.
Title: Re: Garden For Sale
Post by: Umbrian on December 11, 2012, 03:53:51 PM
No, not last winter really, more the accident I had 3 years ago when I broke both my ankles and was unable to get about for 6months. I think we realised then that sooner or later we would have to consider somewhere less isolated for our later years and so started casting around. First and foremost wherever we went we, (or perhaps I should change that to "I") had to have a garden not easy when looking in nearby towns. Eventually we struck lucky though and have found what we think is a gem of a place complete with manageable garden.
Yes it is very cold here all of a sudden but no snow yet although Monte Nerone, the highest peak near to us is completely covered.