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Title: Duranta
Post by: Umbrian on September 08, 2012, 06:45:08 AM
Last year, and again this year, a very attractive plant started to appear in our local nurseries and on market stalls. I was tempted to buy one although it was not labelled and Oron identified it for me as Duranta "Geisha Girl".As it is not frost hardy I moved it to a sunny windowsill in the house over winter and it survived although shedding most of its leaves. I moved it back ouside in early May and trimmed it up, keeping it in its pot and placing it in a south facing position. Here it quickly re-foliated and grew apace but had no sign of flowers.......until, about a week ago I noticed panicles of buds forming. These are now in full flower after a slight easing of the temperatures and I am enjoying this late splash of colour. The whole plant looks extremely healthy with glossy bright green leaves and I feel well rewarded for my patience. I am sure that many of those sold perish after their first summer though due to lack of information about their needs and so thanks again Oron for the identification that enabled me to look it up, and again, three cheers for the Forum where such information is so readily available :)
Title: Re: Duranta
Post by: oron peri on September 08, 2012, 11:15:30 AM
Thanks Carole, Its my plesure :)